The Secret to Creating a Great Business Name.. BOOM!

There are 3 great ways to come up with great business names; alliteration, thought activation, and neologism.
Never heard those words before? Don’t worry, I’ll explain what they mean and show you how to apply them to create a great name.There you go…

The Power of Alliteration
When naming a company, one of the most important things to keep in mind is ease of memorization. If it’s not easy to memorize, then it will be hard for a customer to recommend you or even find you.Alliteration is the repetition of syllables in a series of words. Here are some examples: Coca-Cola, PayPal, or Gorilla Glue. Try saying those names out load and you’ll notice how they roll right off your tongue.Names that use alliterations are very easy to memorize and sometimes even fun to say.Names like these make your brand more memorable and easier to promote. You customers will always remember you and it will be easier for them to identify you in the future.
The Magic of Thought Activation
If I say the word “work” you might automatically think of long hours, money (or lack of), getting fired and things like that. By using certain words, we can trigger and connect feelings and images to other names.Sometimes words can be so powerful that we can physically feel them, especially when they bring back old memories.When you think of the word “happy” your brain might think of travelling, relaxing, and family. A daycare company with the name “Happy Daycare” would suggest that your kids will be happy there and it gives you a general sense of ease. “Wild Daycare Centre” on the other hand, could suggest there could be danger because most people associate wild with misbehaviour and danger.BestBuy implies that the company is the best at what it does.Thought activation is a very powerful way to create business or product names by using the power of words to bring up feelings.
The Science of Neologism
Neologism is the creation of new words or combining existing words to create a new word.Many companies have created great names by using neologism.Google is not a dictionary word, its actually a term created by the company using creative spelling of googol, which is a number equal to 10 to the 100th power. The name Google is now so powerful than many of us use the term “googling” as the action of searching the web”.Other companies like Wikipedia, Twitter, and Flickr have use these same methods to generate successful business brands.If you are interested on using this method, check out a tool called Wordoid. It works by creating hundreds of made up words after you suggest a specific word.
In Conclusion
The most important aspect of a business name is that its easy for customers to remember. Our memory is very limited and filled with millions of other thoughts, so it is important for you to create something easy and memorable enough for me to remember.Don’t concentrate on just one name. Get a piece of paper and fill it up with hundreds of possibilities and then start separating your favourites of the group. Ask your friends and family for suggestions and pay attention to which names are easier for them to remember. Keep reducing the list until you have the name that speaks about your business, is easy to remember, and stands out the most.

Posted on August 15, 2014 in Branding

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