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Branding is one of the key components to determine the fate of your business.Brand is more than a logo or a tagline of your product or service. Brand is the reputation of the product or service that makes it distinct from others and speaks to your customers. Branding should be good enough to make you stand out from the crowd in today’s tough market.

First, a logo should reflect the product and what can be expected when a user aligns with the brand.The tagline should also be genuinely informative, attractive, and catchy. A genuinely informative tagline makes sure it reaches the targeted audience, is attractive so that it attracts that reached audience and catchy so that it doesn’t get out of their head easily. Basic things like the name of your product and color of the logo and product are also part of branding and should be chosen with great care.

Remember, branding is a place to be creative, careful, and boastful but not at all to be deceiving. Imagine the psychology-branding-275x275 impression you will giving to your customers when the first thing they find is that you are lying  to them; it will nullify every good aspect. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud or  boastful, use every chance to highlight your good qualities. Also target your audience first,  because it is very useful. It is important that your specific targeted audience like your brand  and product and it doesn’t need to be attractive to other people than your possible customers.  For example, it is not necessary that teenage boys like your baby oil brand. But it is always  good to be attractive to all, just note that in an attempt to be attractive to a large group and range, you should never risk being less attractive to your possible customers.

Research has shown that people are more attracted to the brands that are more familiar. It is no use if you use a Chinese product name and symbolism if you are doing business in U.A.E unless it is targeted to Chinese people in the region.The same thing goes with the colors. If the research suggests that a certain age group, gender group like certain colors. Or the people are more likely to find certain color attractive in certain times and occasions. If one of these is applicable to you, you can use the color to your advantage in marketing efforts. For example, it is clever to produce bright red and golden colored products during Christmas instead of black or brown.

branding-services-02eAnd last, always be good to your loyal customers. Taking genuine advice and improving is very helpful. One of the best examples can be seen in the tightly packed community and loyalty of Harley-Davidson’s customers with their clubs and all. There are always more ways to improve your branding, but these are some basics that can help you get a good start.

Posted on August 20, 2015 in Branding

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