MEMMOS Enterprises is a business providing consumer and strategic research orientated consulting services to a wide range of high profile local and international companies.

Relationships have traditionally been regarded as an intangible aspect of business that was inherently difficult to assess or manage. The goal is to facilitate good relationships such that the business maximizes the value of its relationships and maintains a good reputation overall.

With strong connections with Internationally renown companies, VIP clientele, Royal Families, Politicians and Senior Management in some of the most prestigious firms worldwide, MEMMOS seek to define, quantify and analyze relationships to put its clients in touch with the right people.

The advantages to the client are endless. They include:
Quality and efficiency
Decrease in overall costs
Decision support
Enterprise ability
Customer Attentions
Increase profitability
Improved planning

It’s essential to have strong, loyal relationships throughout your business. We make this happen for our clients by engaging the right people, educating the right people and putting our client first.

Clients trust us because of our deep understanding of channel marketing and an unrivaled approach to loyalty. This combination of skills makes us unique. And it has helped us get some incredible returns for our clients’ marketing efforts.

What we promise, we deliver.

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