Secrets to Successful YouTube Marketing

YouTube is another hot-spot for marketing these days. But usual advertisements are not effective in YouTube. Afterall no one goes to YouTube in search of advertisements.YouTube is the platform where you can market your goods, products or services in different ways.

One of the options is hiring campaigners and there is always -reviews from authentic people. Campaigners could be Celebrity’s, Vloggers, Bloggers and general Social Media Stars. Also to hire a Social Media Marketing Company’s like for example one of UAE,s and Dubai’s leading Social Media Agency MEMMOS Enterprises have direct access to such people. So to go through a company might be much bigger chance of getting an answer and rates of the Campaigner than as if you try to write the Campaigner yourself. This Social Media and YouTube Stars receiving hundreds of messages daily, they mostly might oversee it. Don’t forget this people also have a real life which keeps them busy.



There are certain things to think about and consider while hiring a campaigner for your marketing campaign in YouTube which might just make the difference between Just Fine, Good, Failed or a Super Effective campaign. One of most important things is to hire authentic people who are doing well on YouTube. It is always a good idea for them to post a good review if they are real customers for your goods/services and they already like them.If it is not a review then it is best to let the hired campaigners do their job their way. That’s why the campaigner has his fans, because of his unique style. Video’s which look to much planned and phony never leave a good impact on potential customers.It is not necessary that the video is about your product or service, putting your goods in the video somewhere not so obvious but noticeable is one of the best ideas. If your“product” appears in the background multiple times then the video is feeding the advertisement to the sub-conscious mind of viewers. Next time they need the “product” or come across the “product”, the chances are very likely that they will end up buying it. Then your campaign was a success.

YouTube PlayAlso when hiring campaigners in YouTube it is best if you hire someone who is already posting videos related to your product. It is very wise to do so because campaigners who are already posting videos related to your product has followers who are interested in the field and also then the video is easily searchable and looks more authentic. For example, it is better to hire someone who is already putting videos and reviews about phones or technical items, if you want to run a campaign for your new amazing smartphone. So, it is better to choose the campaigners without making the number of follower’s first priority.If your campaigners have average number of followers then it will cost you less to run the campaign.

Another thing is to create tracking links and giving it to campaigners to see how they are doing. The link might lead to your products page, your website or wherever you think it is useful for the audience to end up.Make sure those links have analytics features which allow you to figure where the people and traffic comes from. At you can use those features for free and it’s very simple. This way it is possible for you to measure results and effectiveness of the campaign. Also using codes with discounts and other tempting offers help to determine the efficiency of your campaign. Make sure to create the title which seems cool and very attractive yet it should be clear enough to tell what the video is about otherwise the potential customers might ignore it. Including keyword tags will help you in the SEO. It is very helpful if google shows your video in the search results on the first page.

This tricks and advice are also useful and a bit related to platforms as SnapChat, Instagram, Periscope and Meerkat in which those Campaigners have often established accounts and fans too. Sometimes the message can be much shorter due limitations set from the Social Media itself. This saves time and gives often a faster effect. Analytics and other Info’s are working differently on those platforms… more to that I will explain in the near future.

At last, it is very wise to let the campaigners use their creativity, ideas and just go along with their own style, because using all the above tricks with the right campaigner will lead you definitely to an efficient result.




Posted on July 26, 2015 in Marketing

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