When and How to promote and boost your post in Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used and famous advertising platform for the business of all kinds. But being such large and vast website, Facebook gives more than one option to advertise your post. It can be very confusing whether to use ‘Boost Post’ or to ‘Promote Post’. Understanding the ways to choose right thing can save you money and gain more coverage and ultimately better outcome.

It is clear by now that you need to spend money to reach more people on Facebook. But should you ‘Promote post’ or should you ‘Boost Post’? Is it necessary to spend money to share all your posts? Answer is not necessarily. Spending money to advertise every post is not necessary or beneficial. You should boost or promote the posts which are Yours. Spending money on someone else’s post is never a good idea because someone else is getting traffic and recognition from your money. Also spend money to share those post which are actually useful and important to your targeted audience. Sharing something fun is good, but spending money on that is not. You should target your audience wisely and spend money to share contents which they will appreciate and will follow you for more and share ultimately bringing you more audience. And clever thing to do is try to make out a database. Database is a powerful tool nowadays, and when being generous in marketing and advertising, many people give away things for free. If you are one of them, make sure that you collect the people’s email before choosing one and awarding. The database is going to help you in e-mail marketing.

Boosted Post with brief reportBoosting a post option is available to every post in you page, it is on the lower right corner of every post. There are two options in it, one is Push the post to your fans’ friends and another is Post it to some targeted audience. It is better to choose the second one because a person has friends with different interests and fields; same thing applies to your fans, so your fan might not be interested in your post. And if you target your post to specific audience then you will be able to make sure it reaches the people of targeted location, sex, age-group and interests which is obviously better than pushing it to random friends of fans.  If you have already chosen the first option, it can always be changed from manage ads. It is same as Promoting your post except that promoting has more targeting option in the ad manager section. The main goal here is to funnel the audience towards your website. Here you can determine your budget and also choose whether to use it for several days (upto 7 days). Changing the account charge is also an available option which is very useful for people who manages other’s page. And good thing is the Report, you can see the performance of the advertisement.



Promote A Post using Ad Manager is another way to push your post in other people’s newsfeed. Promoting post gives you more options like targeting, pricing and bidding. Promoting gives you two options, one is paying regularly for displaying your post for a given time and another is paying per clicks. It can be done from here https://www.facebook.com/ads/create/  Drop down menu can be used to locate and select the exact post you to promote. Once you select the post and click continue the next page called Page Post Engagement gives you more targeting options and all. Conversion Pixel can be used here if you have it installed in your website. Here, you must add countries to target you post among international people. In this option as well, you can monitor how your ad is performing.

Another interesting type of ad post anyone can create using Ads Manager is Dark Post. Unique thing about this dark post is that it won’t be seen by anyone in their newsfeed as normal post. It will only be seen as an ad.

Finally, Boost Post is an easier option but Promoted Post can be modified in number of ways to reach a more narrowly targeted groups. It is always depending on the user’s need and situation to use one of these. In a normal condition it is fine to say that a Promoted Post is the better choice.

Posted on July 3, 2015 in Marketing

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